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Deal of the Day

CARAN D'ACHE Ecridor Racing Ballpoint

CHF 137.00

The Maison Caran d’Ache unveils the Ecridor Racing, the first writing instrument with an all-black look to be added to the Ecridor collection. Inspired by the sleek designs of the world of motor racing, this unapologetically modern ballpoint pen is yet another demonstration of the creative force that has powered the hundred-year history of the company. The Ecridor Racing boasts a range of motifs from motor sports: a body in matte deep black decorated with engraving inspired by radiator grills, palladium-plated outlines, vivid flashes of red, and a purring engine, ready to carry you across 600 sheets of A4. Swiss made from its initial design through to its creation in Swiss workshops, the Ecridor Racing is a distinctive model, assertive in its masculinity. Type of writing instrument:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Dimensions: length 128 mm & diameter 8 mm
  • Brass body
  • Black chrome coating
  • Sand finish for matte-style effect
  • Hexagonal body
  • Machine-cut guillochage inspired by the radiator grills of racing cars
  • Hand-applied red lacquer on two edges inspired by brake lights
  • Caran d’Ache logo laser-engraved on the push-button
  • Push-button mechanism with high precision ensuring exceptional writing comfort
Clip and button: 
  • Bright palladium-plated push button
  • Palladium-plated flexible clip
Cartridges and refills:
  • Equipped with the famous giant Goliath cartridge in medium black, covering 600 A4 pages of handwriting
  • Compatible with all type of Goliath cartridges


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