15 Years of Style: The Style of Zug Journey

Welcome to the world of Style of Zug, where elegance and style converge.

Founded in April 2008 by the Naldi Family, this high-end store has become a haven for those who appreciate fine writing instruments and a touch of sophistication

As we celebrate our 15-year milestone, let’s take a stroll through the story of Style of Zug.

A Concept Store Redefined

More than just a store, Style of Zug is an experience—a celebration of fine writing instruments and stylish living. From its start, the store curated a collection that goes beyond pens to embrace the world of fine writing instruments.

The Epitome of Elegance

At the heart of Style of Zug lies a carefully curated collection of fine writing instruments that has garnered global recognition. Brands like Edelberg, Caran d’Ache, Montblanc, Otto Hutt, and others have made Style of Zug synonymous with a modern approach to elegance.

15 Years of Distinction

Thriving in the world of luxury concept stores, Style of Zug has set itself apart with a commitment to quality and innovation. The Naldi Family’s passion for excellence has been the driving force behind the store’s success over the past 15 years.

A Familial Radiance: Carlo Naldi, Keren Torsello Naldi, and Samuel Naldi glowing in the festive ambiance of the anniversary celebration.

A Modern Approach to Elegance

More than just a shop, Style of Zug embodies a lifestyle—a modern approach to elegance. The carefully chosen brands showcase a blend of tradition and innovation, making Style of Zug a trendsetter in the world of fine writing instruments.

A Special Jubilee Celebration with Caran d’Ache

Yesterday, we celebrated our 15-year jubilee with a special guest—Caran d’Ache. Known for its exquisite writing instruments, Caran d’Ache joined us in commemorating this milestone. It was a momentous occasion, highlighting enduring partnerships forged over the years.

Recognized Worldwide

Style of Zug’s influence extends globally, with its reputation for excellence in the world of fine writing instruments. The brands it houses are more than just products—they are statements of style and taste, making Style of Zug a destination for connoisseurs worldwide.

As we celebrate 15 years of Style of Zug, we eagerly anticipate the continued journey of elegance, innovation, and excellence in the world of fine writing instruments. The store’s commitment to offering the best in fine writing instruments and stylish accessories remains unwavering.

Style of Zug – Where Elegance Meets Innovation, Celebrating 15 Years of Style.

Zeughausgasse 4, 6300 Zug, Schweiz