7 Favorite Fountain Pens in 2023

The world of fountain pens has something special for everyone this year, making it a truly exciting time for pen enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of timeless elegance, cutting-edge innovation, or a touch of nostalgia, there’s a fountain pen on our list that’s sure to capture your heart.

And let’s not forget the enduring appeal of the Montblanc JFK Burgundy Fountain Pen, a classic choice that never goes out of style.

So, let’s dive into these wonderful writing instruments and find the one that suits your style and needs perfectly.


Wabi Sabi II Red Limited Edition Fountain Pen

CHF 2883.01excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

This is a Sailor King of Pen, an exquisite green fountain pen with a medium 21kt gold nib. Crafted from high-quality precious resin, this model is part of the regular edition and uses a cartridge/converter filling mechanism. With a closed length of 153mm and an uncapped length of 132mm, it’s compact and comfortable to hold. What sets this pen apart is that it’s part of the regular edition, ensuring that pen enthusiasts can have a piece of this artistry without the constraints of limited availability. When it comes to the convenience of refilling, the Sailor King of Pen utilizes a cartridge/converter filling mechanism, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced fountain pen users.


DesignC Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

CHF 2692.66

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

Designed by Mark Braun. Manufactured by master craftsmen in the Black Forest. Inspired by the progressive design approaches of the Bauhaus. Shaped by the craft – Mark Braun has made a name for himself as an exceptional product designer. He created the designC for Otto Hutt, combining his contemporary design with excellent vertical integration in quality and competence.

A consistent and yet minimalist design language. From the cap to the barrel – new standards of elegance.

Made of precious 925 sterling silver, immaculately finished. designC promises stability for eternity.

Smooth in the hand. Well-balanced on paper. The matt black, PVD-coated writing unit sets qualitative and ergonomic standards.

A slim, flawless line with the highest functionality. The index in 18-carat gold on the barrel and cap replaces the “classic” clip.

Pull+Twist™ as filling mechanism – innovation as modernly interpreted homage to craftsmanship. A slow pulling brings the Pull+Twist™ mechanism into the filling position. Turning it clockwise creates a vacuum inside the fountain pen. The designC absorbs ink through it – as a world first, this complex mechanism is entirely consistent with the character of Otto Hutt’s 100th anniversary.

Luxuriously wrapped, addressed to collectors. designC comes in an expressive silver box. An ideal gift for lovers of fine and limited edition writing instruments.


Heritage Rouge et Noir “Baby” Special Edition Ivory-coloured Fountain Pen

CHF 663.88excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

The Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir “Baby” celebrates the pioneering spirit and rich heritage of the Montblanc maison. Inspired by the original Montblanc “Baby” pens from the 1920´s, Montblanc reinterprets the then unexpected design and gives it a modern twist. The name “Baby” playfully describes its small size compared to other Montblanc writing instruments. Created in ivory-coloured precious lacquer and with signature gold coated fittings, it is crowned by a Montblanc emblem in precious resin surrounded by the coral hue of the Montblanc Rouge et Noir collection. The handcrafted Au 585 solid gold nib features a drawing of the Mont Blanc mountain. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc describes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s Writing Instruments.

Montblanc’s ‘baby pens’ of the 1910s and 1920s were some of the smallest writing instruments of their time – and among the most innovative. Leakproof, travel-sized and easy to use, their forward-thinking design helped to transform the world of writing during a period when people were discovering the joys of mobility on a grand scale. Now, reinterpreted for a new generation, these special editions unite heritage design with 21st century craftsmanship.


Pen of the Year 2022 Aztecs Limited Edition Fountain Pen

CHF 5900.00excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

The Pen of the Year 2022 is inspired by the Aztecs, their culture, look and religious rituals. The many symbols of this period and the prophecies that revolved around the creation of Mexico City and the Aztec gods are all incorporated into the pen’s impressive design. Precious gemstones that were typical of the time, such as turquoise and obsidian, make for striking details that adorn the Pen of the Year 2022. The 2022 edition of the Pen of the Year is limited to 375 fountain pens and 125 rollerball pens. Each one is a unique reflection of Aztec history.

Product details

Introduction and delivery – from 07 May 2022 Metal parts – Diamond Like Carbon coating Nib – 18 carat magnum gold nib with black ruthenium coating Nib widths – M, F, B, BB Mechanism – Plunger Mechanism Weight – approx. 83 g Total length – approx. 135.6 mm Production – 375 pieces


Torpedo Limited Edition Fountain Pen

CHF 1717.73excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

The Visconti Torpedo is a limited edition fountain pen inspired by an Italian design trend called Bolidismo that focuses on shape dynamism, early 20th Century Futurism and a reference to design strongly influenced by the world of fast cars. The Torpedo’s name alludes to both a sleek and sporting car and to the English term for torpedo – a shape designed by the need for speed.

The oversized Visconti Torpedo Limited Edition fountain pen is made from unidirectional Black Carbon fiber with highly polished Palladium-plated trim. It has an ogival shape of roundly tapered ends that is both dynamic and aerodynamic. It integrates two of Visconti’s traditional aesthetic codes for high-end pens: skeleton processing and the transparency of the demo models. The body features an Palladium-plated design pattern that enhances its sleekness and frames an oversized ink window so you can check the remaining ink in the barrel. The transparent acrylic resin window has been worked to align with the carbon fiber body, thus contributing to the fluidity of the design. The Visconti Torpedo has a double reservoir power ink filler system. The threaded screw-on cap can be posted. The Torpedo fountain pen is equipped with a 23-Karat Palladium Dreamtouch nib available in Medium size. This nib is suggested for expert writers as it adapts perfectly to your hand’s habits. It is very flexible and smooth, but with medium elasticity and resilience. There are only 388 pieces of this Limited Edition Visconti Torpedo fountain pen available worldwide.


John F. Kennedy Special Edition Burgundy Fountain Pen

CHF 961.00excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

Commemorating one of the most revered figures in modern history, the Special Edition John F. Kennedy makes symbolic references to the life of J.F. Kennedy in subtle design details. The burgundy-coloured precious resin refers to Kennedy’s famous Ivy League style and is inspired by his time at Harvard University. His initials “JFK” are engraved on the signature gold-coated clip, and the three cap rings standing for Kennedy’s three brothers are also coated in signature gold. In a tribute to the national hopes and dreams embodied in Kennedy’s pet project, the Apollo space programme, the handcrafted 585 gold nib is engraved with the lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969. The Special Edition is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc describes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s Writing Instruments.

From the beginning stages of assembling individual parts to presenting a truly alive and resplendent piece, our products are lifestyle companions that will accompany yours and future generations to come.


Dante Alighieri Inferno Limited Edition Fountain Pen

CHF 5199.63excl. MwSt.

In Stock 1-3 days delivery

“The devil is in the detail” is a label often applied to Italian design, but the country’s oldest penmakers appear to be taking it literally. The newest extraordinary creation from Montegrappa features Lucifer himself on the base – chewing incessantly on Judas. The demon’s pointed tail seems to rise through the barrel and snake its way through the cap to form a pocket clip: the kind you might expect to see brandished by Robert de Niro in Angel Heart. This is no pen for the timid. Dante Alighieri: Inferno is the first edition from the Venetian maker’s new Divina Commedia writing series – a tribute to Italy’s most celebrated literary figure. 700 years after Dante’s death in 1321, his name rings eternal – even to the uninitiated. In Italy, he truly is immortal. By daring to write his most famous work in Florentine dialect, he paved the way for the use of a unitary language which later became the Italian.

The first volume from Dante’s epic trilogy is also the poet’s most vivid work, describing hell’s descending layers with equal measures of beauty, satire and gore. If biblical horror were a genre, Inferno would be its crown jewel. Montegrappa’s tribute spares little detail from Dante’s script, with the sins and punishments of hell’s nine circles recreated in intricate micro-sculpture. Sins of self- indulgence are represented on the cap by lust, gluttony, greed and wrath. The violent and malicious sins – violence, fraud and treachery – are reproduced on the barrel and blind cap. The artisanal process behind Dante Alighieri: Inferno is rarely found outside the world of fine jewellery, but Montegrappa’s command of lost-wax casting has made it a darling of aficionados. Iconic archive models like The Dragon (1995) and the skull-encrusted Chaos (2011) won plaudits for their bold and complex metalcraft and point to the maker’s pedigree in creating beauty from dark subject matter. With Dante exhibitions and tributes planned throughout Italy in 2021, the timing of Montegrappa’s release is both punctual and – after the torment of last year – oddly topical.

Whichever pen you choose, remember that each stroke of ink on paper is a personal journey, a mark of creativity, and a tribute to the art of handwriting. Embrace the elegance of these fine instruments, and let your words flow effortlessly onto the page. Happy writing!

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