How to Manifest by Writing

Manifestation writing methods are some of the most popular and easiest manifestation methods around.

Whether you’re new to manifestation or an old pro, trying different manifestation journaling methods can help you harness the law of attraction and receive everything you want!

Let’s explore how to manifest by writing.

How does manifestation writing work?

Manifestation writing works by helping you become a vibrational match to what you want.

According to Abraham Hicks, if you can hold the vibration of what you want for as little as 17 seconds, you’ll start to become a match for what you want, and the law of attraction will kick in.

If you haven’t heard of Abraham Hicks, Abraham is a group of channeled beings from the non-physical dimension translated by Esther Hicks.

They teach everything you need to know about manifestation and how thoughts become things.

“Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and The Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move. Manifestation has begun”

– Abraham Hicks

Like attracts like

Which means the more you match the vibration of what you want, the easier and faster it will come to you. When you use manifestation writing methods, you are practicing holding the vibration of what you want for extended periods of time. By combining the power of intention, visualization, and affirmation with the right pen and notebook, we can enhance the effectiveness of our manifestation practice.

And since we know that holding the vibration for at least 17 seconds will bring you what you want, manifestation writing helps you hold it for even longer!

Setting the Stage

Choosing the Right Pen and Notebook Selecting a pen and notebook that resonate with you is an essential step in manifestation writing.

Personal Connection: The pen and notebook you choose should resonate with you on a personal level. They should feel comfortable and natural in your hand, creating a seamless connection between your thoughts, emotions, and the act of writing. When you feel a sense of ease and familiarity with your writing tools, it becomes easier to immerse yourself in the manifestation process.

Inspiring Creativity: The notebook you choose should inspire creativity and reflection. Opt for a notebook that reflects your personal style and preferences. Whether it’s a beautifully designed journal or a plain notebook, the key is to choose one that sparks your imagination and encourages you to write freely. When you feel inspired by your notebook, it becomes a sacred space for your manifestation writing, enhancing your ability to tap into your creativity and manifest your desires.

Symbolic Meaning:

Your pen and notebook can hold symbolic meaning and serve as reminders of your intentions. For example, you might choose a pen in a color that represents abundance or success to reinforce those themes in your manifestation practice. Similarly, selecting a notebook with a cover design or material that resonates with your goals can serve as a constant visual reminder of what you are working towards.

Remember !

The goal is to create an environment that supports and enhances your manifestation practice. The right pen and notebook can become powerful tools that amplify your intentions, keep you focused, and strengthen your connection to the manifestation process. Trust your intuition and choose the tools that align with your unique style and resonate with your desires.