Namiki introduces the new AYA Collection

I’ve told this to several clients of mine, we might not understand yet the significance of this launch by Namiki. Namiki isn’t known for launching yearly new regular editions and until now we had the chance of contemplating the No. 20 and No. 50 beside the Yukari that is signicantly smaller. The Aya sets itself as the middle man (in terms of size) between the No. 20 and the No. 50

The Aya features Maki-E Decorations in for different

The name of this collection comes from the Japanese word which means beautiful color, luster, shine and pattern. All of which easily define the Aya collection and the four pens currently for sale.

Utilizing a special type of Maki-e called “Togidashi” or “burnished maki-e”, these pens evoke depth and luminous colorways through the layering process of lacquering, which is finished in bits of metallic sparkles.

The Aya is made to be the Middle Man between the iconic No. 20 and the No. 50

The four colorways are:

Akatsuki – which is a deep, burnished red created using a layering of red lacquering powders and finished with gold.

Hayate – A silvery-gold pen against a dark backdrop that evokes a gust of wind. The pattern on this pen also has a bit of movement which is eye-catching and fun.

Seiryu – a cobalt streak runs through the dark barrel of this pen. What’s most exciting about Seiryu is the used of abalone shells and silver powder, showcasing the use of raw and natural materials to produce a special Maki-e finish.

Tokiwa – Also using abalone shells, but with gold, is the Tokiwa colorway, which is a forested green with a verdant, natural look to it.

Each pen is fitted with a No. 30 18-karat two-tone gold nib for a soft, smooth writing experience that is synonymous with Namiki’s performance. Due to the nature of these pens, the price is commiserate to the craftsmanship necessary to create such a masterpiece. Therefore, the Aya line Retails at 3’600 CHF. We don’t anticipate these beauties to last long.