The Design01 Frosted Apricot

Timeless Charm of Luxury Writing Instruments

Welcome to a journey of sophistication and style with the Design01 in Frosted Apricot Ruthenium. 

Join us as we unveil the unique features that make this pen a true work of art.

The Exterior Charm

Apricot Finish

Picture a stunning frosted apricot exterior that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also durable. This multi-layered lacquer gives the pen a unique texture and ensures it can handle whatever writing adventures come its way.

A Core of Strength

Inside, the pen features a solid brass core that adds weight and stability, making every stroke feel smooth and effortless. It’s like holding a piece of art in your hand every time you write.

Adding Flair to Functionality

Luxurious Accents

The brass cap sleeves sport a satin finish that adds a touch of elegance while protecting the pen from wear and tear. It’s the little details like these that make the Design01 Fountain Pen stand out.


Imagine sleek ruthenium-coated components that not only look stylish but also keep your pen looking brand new for years to come. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

The Ultimate Writing Experience: Making Your Mark

The Design01 Frosted Apricot Fountain Pen is more than just a writing tool—it’s an experience.From its captivating exterior to its effortless performance, this pen is a true masterpiece. But hold onto your seats, because we’ve got more exciting news coming your way soon! Stay tuned for updates and more thrilling releases from Design01. Until then, elevate your writing routine with the Design01 Fountain Pen and experience the difference for yourself.