Scribo La Dotta Acquerello Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Watercolor Tradition of Bologna

An Artistic Journey In Bologna, the city of arts and beauty, the tradition of watercolor painting has a long history. 
The city is home to several renowned art schools and artists, including the "Scuola di Belle Arti" and the "Accademia di Belle Arti".

The Versatility of Watercolor Technique

Watercolor is a versatile technique used to create a variety of effects, from delicate landscapes to vibrant abstractions.

Artists in Bologna have used watercolors to capture the beauty of their city, from its porticoes and canals to its hills and vineyards. Some of Bologna’s best-known watercolorists include Giovanni Segantini, Pelagio Palagi, and Giorgio Morandi.

LA DOTTA Acquerello: Unique Craftsmanship

La Dotta Acquerello is a remarkable collection that reproduces the nuances and shades of watercolor painting. Each piece is handmade and therefore unique, with a texture that cannot be replicated on another model. This collection is available in a limited edition of only 99 pieces with a platinum finish.

The inspiration for La Dotta Acquerello comes from the world of art and the play of colors and textures. Each piece is a work of art in itself, embodying the creativity and craftsmanship that have gone into its making. The use of platinum adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the pieces, while the handmade production ensures that each piece tells a unique story.

This collection is not only an aesthetic masterpiece but also a symbol of exclusivity and style. Each piece of La Dotta Acquerello is a statement of individuality and artistic refinement, transferring the beauty of watercolor painting into the world of luxury goods.