The Top 5 Luxury Pens of the Week

In the vibrant world of writing instruments, pens come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. They carry the weight of tradition, the essence of innovation, and the passion of their creators.

This week, we invite you on a journey to discover the soul of five exceptional pens. These are not just pens; they are storytelling devices, vessels of history, and objects of desire.

Join us as we explore these remarkable pens, uncovering their details and showcasing the beauty of fine writing instruments.

1 . Graf von Faber-Castell

Pen Of The Year 2023 Ancient Egypt Limited Edition

The Pen of the Year 2023 is a tribute to ancient Egypt, a civilization with a rich history spanning over 3,000 years.

Limited to 375 fountain pens and 125 rollerballs, it features engraved hieroglyphs of twelve deities, lotus blossoms, and other symbolic elements.

The barrel is coated with a durable diamond-like carbon finish, while metal rings with 24-carat gold plating and blue lacquer rings adorn the grip.

The 18-carat gold nib promises a unique writing experience. 

(avaliable in Rollerball Pen)

2. Montblanc

Meisterstück Solitaire Blue Hour Le Grand Fountain Pen

Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour collection is inspired by the magical hour between daylight and night – the Blue Hour – when the city lights sparkle across the skyline as the sun sets.

The luxury fountain pen features a cap and barrel with engraved hexagon pattern covered by translucent deep blue lacquer.

The cap is crowned by the iconic white Montblanc emblem inlaid and three rings embossed with the Montblanc brand name.

The fountain pen is adorned with a hand-crafted Au750/18K gold nib, rhodium coated.

(avaliable in Rollerball and Ballpoint Pen)

3. Caran d`Ache

Varius Trophy Fountain Pen & Leather Case Limited Edition

Varius Trophy Collection Caran d’Ache unveils Varius Trophy, a subtle reinterpretation of the world of golf and the latest addition to its emblematic Varius collection.

A genuine ode to precious materials, the Varius collection is a labour of love of craftsmen displaying traditional know-how.

Reflecting the company’s creative spirit, these Haute Écriture instruments combine technical innovation and sophisticated design in a surprising blend of materials and textures. 

(avaliable in Rollerball Pen)

4. Montblanc

StarWalker SpaceBlue Precious Resin Fineliner

Starwalker SpaceBlue looks beyond planet earth and turns towards the stars and the galaxy. Utterly masculine and futuristic, this new StarWalker collection brings a new look for resin cap and barrel, with a design that recalls the intricate structures of the Widmanstätten Pattern, one of nature’s most hypnotic creations.

All metal parts are coated in dark ruthenium, accompanied by a deep space blue tone for the matte precious resin, recalling the hues of a starry sky.

Also the subdome on the cap top, over which the Montblanc emblem floats, comes in a deep space blue colour.

5. Otto Hutt

Design08 Fountain Pen

Design08 , quality on the edge of unreasonableness.  Piston fountain pen with unique pull & twist mechanism to operate the pump.

Design by Mark Braun!

The writing instrument shows quality standards that almost unreasonably reflect the attitude behind design, development, production and function of the writing instruments.

(avaliable in Rollerball Pen)

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